Sunday, April 27, 2008

You complain, we wear pants...

Looks like a pattern has been established now regarding cheerleader attire. Any state that complains about Cheerleader attire will now get Cheerleaders wearing pants for both the teams. Liberal cities will continue to get cheerleaders dressed in cheerleader attire. The moves of the Cheerleaders remains as crisp as ever, pants or no pants.

Friday, April 25, 2008

IPL Dancers and their disapprovers..

Here goes a minister from West Bengal against IPL Cheerleaders. The minister in question happens to be a sports minister, so it is probably his way of getting back for the embarassment the Eden Garden was and has been over the years as far as facilities within the ground are concerned. Plus seeing the Gandhis in the stand in the VIP section along with the owners would have been an irritant too.

So there he is, going after the "soft target" (though with their rock hard Abs, I am not sure if we could call them that). Mumbai cheerleaders are already wearing pants, but I doubt if Shah Rukh Khan's team will roll over that easily. Looks like everyone was sleeping while the ICL was going on with the same kind of cheerleading activity.

Funny how a sports minister happens to discover his morality after seeing Congress party members in the stand.

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